Nick Fausti

Los Angeles, CA 90292 · (609) 575-4324 ·


Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Brightfield Group
  • Developed a full-stack single-page application dashboard in React to view analytics information related to NLP
  • Built a RESTful API in Django to facilitate interaction between backend databases and front-end of dashboard
  • Integrated various social media APIs into SPA backend
  • Scraped content from web, regularized, and stored in backend to be used in offline machine learning processing
  • Built an openCV landing page that takes in user’s photos and returns color palettes for each image
  • Built a marketing landing-page and social login data collection CMS
June 2017 – Present

Associate Director – Software Engineering

  • Built an API to expose machine learning models that help facilitate the selection of clinical trial investigator sites
  • Created a React front-end to display results and allow users to interactively apply changes to model parameters of ML API
June 2017 – April 2019

Senior Research Programmer

University of Pennsylvania - Positive Psychology Center
  • Developed a single-page application front-end for a personality evaluation tool
  • Scraped all hospital reviews from Yelp using Scrapy library to run differential language analysis on
  • Ran differential language analysis on multiple hospital characteristics using yelp review language data
  • Building web infrastructure to expose internal natural language processing APIs to external researchers
June 2016 – June 2017

Research Programmer

University of Pennsylvania - School of Medicine
  • Created a tool to automate the visual selection and data analysis of the calcium signaling fluorescence variation in cells as a result of pharmacological treatments using OpenCV, matplotlib, and Python.
  • Created a web based mapping and search system with Google Maps to help with the inference of a correlation between healthcare utilization in Northeastern Pennsylvania and hydraulic natural gas fracturing nearby.
  • Developed a freezer/reagent inventory application with Django, DRF API, and iOS barcode scanning front-end.
  • Worked as part of a team to create a natural language search system using the Python NLTK library to allow scientists to search medical records, environmental exposure data, and retrieve blood/tissue sample information for those records in plain English queries.
  • Successfully managed the migration of tissue sample data and participant case report form data into a new laboratory information management system at the proof of concept stage.
  • Gathered requirements for lab workflows and processes to be used as a model for future data migrations throughout the Perelman School of Medicine/Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Working on creating an ontological framework to be used as a data standard for biomedical investigations throughout the Perelman School of Medicine.
  • Working on an iOS application for principal investigators to use as a tool to stay informed on the state of various projects/studies and view results from experiments involved with each study.
December 2011 – May 2016

Software Engineer

Single Throw Internet Marketing
June 2011 – November 2011

Software Engineer Test

Comcast Corporation
January 2010 – June 2010

Software Developer Intern

Johnson & Johnson
June 2008 – September 2009


University of Pennsylvania

Master of Science in Engineering
Computer and Information Science

Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Bachelor of Arts
Information Technology & Informatics; Economics


Programming Languages & Tools
Core Competencies
  • Full-Stack Software Engineering
  • Game Development in Unreal Engine and Unity
  • Computer Vision and Computational Photography
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Applied Machine Learning/Deep Learning w/ scikit-learn & PyTorch
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Web Development
  • Cross-Browser Web Scraping, Testing, & Debugging
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Apart from being a software engineer, the majority of my time is spent learning new things that interest me.

I love traveling and new experiences. I spent most of 2018 living around the world with 35 other people, while doing a program called Remote Year.

I enjoy spending as much time in nature as possible and also love photography. You can check out my Instagram here.